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Your (Un)natural Garden

    Your (Un)Natural Garden, was a series of seven interconnected installations by artist Adam Schwerner.  Guests were invited to follow the arching Snakeways and adventure through the gardens, the Sturt Haaga Gallery, and the historic Boddy House. Utilizing an astounding amount of recycled and reclaimed materials, we aimed to wow sustainably.  


    As you guests would move through the spaces, the pieces would inspire conversation and inspired you to explore your own connection between you and the space, between the space and its own history, and between the natural world and the manmade. With a strong emphasis on accessibility, play, and discovery this multisensory interactive exhibit was built to inform, inspire, delight, connect, and provoke visitors. Everyone was invited to be a collaborative artist, encouraged to interact and frolic. This exhibit encouraged you to use all your senses to touch, smell, listen, look, laugh, learn and explore, explore, explore!

Descanso Gardens

2022 - 2023

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